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YOU Are Welcome Here!

If you are looking for a church to call your own, we hope you will consider us! At the root of all we do is our desire to live out the Great Commandments of Jesus Christ: to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We hope what you see here will inspire you to visit.

Sundays: 8:00 & 10:00 am Worship (Holy Eucharist) – 12:30 pm La Misa in Spanish

Worship with us


Kids are at Home in God's House

God put the wiggle in your children – so there’s no need to suppress it here! We take Jesus’ charge to “let the children come to me” seriously. During the program year, we offer nursery for children under 3, Sunday School for younger kids, youth group for those in grades 6 – 12, and fun activities that build faith and fellowship year round.

Kids at HC


How to Find Us

We are located in the Dilworth area, close to Freedom Park.

2701 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

704.332.4171 Phone, 704.332.5081 Fax







As we prepare to once again gather in person – first in small outdoor groups for worship or meetings – there are several things that parishioners need to know, and forms or instructions that gathering leaders will need. They will be posted on this page as they are available.  


Mientras nos preparamos para reunirnos una vez más en persona, primero en grupos pequeños para reuniones al aire libre, hay varios formularios que los líderes de reunión pueden necesitar y procedimientos que quizás necesite conocer. Se publicarán en esta página a medida que estén disponibles.


COVID-19 Vaccination Information
Vaccine safety and efficacy 


Gathering In-Person as Church – a brief “How-To”

In accordance with Diocesan requirements during the pandemic that are designed to protect everyone attending church-related in-person gatherings, all such gatherings, whether on-campus or off-campus, whether for worship or other purposes, are limited in size and must be pre-approvedThis assures us all that the Gathering Leader knows the Diocesan COVID-19 protocols and accepts responsibility for them being followed. (Gathering Leaders, please see “For Gathering Leaders” section below for more information about pre-approval.)  


Current Diocesan Stage:  Stage 3 (effective June 1, 2021)

Everyone attending an in-person gathering must follow the current protocols, including the Gathering Leader and any Gathering Assistants.  The protocols may change from time to time depending on what Diocesan Stage we are in and may be more restrictive than the Diocese allows if local conditions are worse than the statewide averages. Currently, these protocols include:

Please note: Masks will continue to be required at services where there is singing (10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.) 

Click this link for the complete Diocesan guidelines for Stage 3. 

Gathering Leaders, please review the above guidelines and if questions remain, contact Jessica in the church office.


New guidelines for Children, Youth & Schools

New guidelines for Youth Ministry  

  • Agree to abide by all Holy Comforter COVID-19 protocols, signs, and Gathering Leader instructions, including:
    • Observing social distancing, hand-sanitizing, and wearing a mask* as required.
    • Notifying Communications Director Trish Stukbauer if you subsequently develop COVID-19.
    • Be signed in on the gathering’s official Attendance Log, confirming your agreement.

* Mask-wearing requirements in Stage 3: only required indoors at the 10 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. service, and at all times indoors if you are unvaccinated.

In Stage 3, both indoor and outdoor in-person gatherings are allowed within the following guidelines, which apply to both on-campus and off-campus gatherings:


  • For all outdoor gatherings:
    • Gatherings will be cancelled in case of inclement weather, or if a tent is provided, in case of hazardous weather.
    • Indoor restroom access will be provided.
    • Gatherings are permitted as long as there is adequate space for household groups to maintain 6’ social distance.
    • Social distancing and hand-sanitizing are still required, but mask-wearing is only required while moving around in the gathering space. 
    • Singing is permitted WITHOUT masks on as long as social distancing is maintained AND only while remaining at one’s place or seat.
    • Meals fellowship:
      • Pre-packaged food and drink may be offered in individual portions; no common serving bowls, pitchers, or serving utensils are permitted unless served by a masked, hand-sanitized, and fully vaccinated person; other arrangements may be considered but must be pre-approved by the church office for adherence to the additional Diocesan guidelines referenced above.
      • Outdoor restaurant fellowship is permitted but not recommended as it can be difficult to observe 6’ distancing within the group; also, consideration should be given as to whether some group members may not be ready or able to join the group in that setting.
  • For all indoor gatherings:
    • Adequate ventilation is required, including use of MERV 13 or higher filter and at least 3 outside air exchanges per hour.  (All on-campus buildings meet this requirement as long as the air system’s fan is on, even without heating or cooling.)
    • The 3 W’s are still in place:  6’ social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand-sanitizing. Group meetings on campus are self regulating in mask use with consideration of vax status; gathering leaders should make attendees aware of this in the invitation.
    • Speakers should not share microphones & wind instruments are still not permitted.
    • Gathering size is limited to 30% of the pre-pandemic fire marshal capacity of the space (as calculated by the Re-opening Task Force and documented by the church office staff by signs posted at each gathering space.)
    • Singing is permitted WITH masks on as long as social distancing is maintained.
    • The sermon may be preached WITHOUT a mask as long as the speaker is fully vaccinated and at least 15’ from other attendees.
    • Meals fellowship is only permitted for small gatherings (14 or fewer people), with social distancing, and with the same restrictions as for outdoor gatherings regarding how food is served, restaurant dining, and office pre-approval for alternative arrangements.
  • For worship services:
    • Communion is by Bread alone if a Eucharist is offered.
    • The primary service on Sundays continues to be broadcast for those unable to attend in person.
    • For fixed seating in pews, selected pews are roped off to ensure social distance between occupied pew rows. 
    • The offertory collection plate is not passed to the attendees but is stationed at the head of the nave’s center aisle.
  • Other information:
    • Only those who have completed Holy Comforter’s Gathering Leader training in covid protocols may organize a church-related gathering:
      • they must submit a Gathering Approval Request to the Parish Administrator for assignment of a gathering space before conducting a gathering;
      • they and/or assistants must sanitize frequently-touched surfaces before and after the gathering (except for seating the attendees bring to outdoor gatherings)
    • Additional Diocesan guidelines must be followed for:
      • Choir rehearsals (adult and youth) or recordings
      • Offering food or drink other than pre-packaged individual portions ( please consult with church staff for specifics and approval )
      • Separate Diocesan guidelines must be followed by:
        • Pre-schools 
        • Youth and children’s ministries 
        • Direct Service ministries (e.g., Loaves & Fishes)
        • Food preparation ministries

Estos formularios también se están traduciendo al español y se colocarán en esta página tan pronto como estén disponibles.


For all parishioners
For Worship team members
For gathering leaders
How do I lead a meeting?  Click this link or the picture below for a visual, step-by-step guide



To request a gathering, leaders will need to fill out this form: 


Forms leaders will need for their gatherings are: 


Diocesan COVID resources page:


A Prayer as I Put on my Mask


as I prepare to go into the world

help me to see the sacrament 

in the wearing of this cloth - 

let it be "an outward sign 

of an inward grace" - 

a tangible and visible way of living 

love for my neighbours

as I love myself.



since my lips will be covered

uncover my heart

that people would see my smile

in the crinkles around my eyes. 

Since my voice may be muffled

help me to speak clearly 

not only with my words

but with my actions. 


Holy Spirit, 

As the elastic touches my ears

remind me to listen carefully - 

and full of care - 

to all those I meet. 

May this simple piece of cloth  be

shield and banner, 

and each breath that it holds

be filled with your love. 

In your Name and

in that love, 

I pray.

May it be so.