YOU Are Welcome Here!

If you are looking for a church to call your own, we hope you will consider us! At the root of all we do is our desire to live out the Great Commandments of Jesus Christ: to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We hope what you see here will inspire you to visit.

Sundays: 8:00 & 10:30 am Worship (Holy Eucharist) – 12:30 pm La Misa in Spanish

Worship with us


Kids are at Home in God's House

God put the wiggle in your children – so there’s no need to suppress it here! We take Jesus’ charge to “let the children come to me” seriously. During the program year, we offer nursery for children under 3, Sunday School for younger kids, youth group for those in grades 6 – 12, and fun activities that build faith and fellowship year round.

Kids at HC


How to Find Us

We are located in the Dilworth area, close to Freedom Park.

2701 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

704.332.4171 Phone, 704.332.5081 Fax




News & Events

Read the May 28 Sunday Spirit online


Espiritu Dominical Semana del 28 de Mayo




Bless the Hands that Feed Us

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be Blessing the Hands that feed us by continuing our support for the Episcopal Farmworkers Ministry. We’ll be gathering clothing items and toiletries that the farmworkers need and raising money for collapsible water carriers that they can carry into the fields. See the flyer  in your bulletin Sunday for more details. 


Prayer list to be updated on Pentecost. To help keep our prayers as accurate as possible, we will refresh our list on Thursday, June 1. We will remove names that are not actively sponsored by that date. Who does this affect? If you have sponsored a current name and wish it to remain on the list, please contact Jessica Dunlap at  before June 1. Names without sponsors will rotate off the list. Of course, any name rotated off can be resubmitted. La lista de oración será actualizada de Pentecosté. Para ayudar a mantener nuestras oraciones en la forma lo más precisa posible, refrescaremos nuestra lista Jueves, 1 de Junio. Sacaremos de ella los nombres de aquellas personas que no hayan sido activamente apoyadas para esa fecha. A quién afecta ésto? Si usted ha promocionado en la actualidad un nombre y desea mantenerlo en la lista, por favor contacte a Jessica Dunlap en la oficina de la iglesia antes del 1 de Junio Los nombres sin patrocinantes o promotores saldrán de la lista. Por supuesto, cualquier nombre que haya salido, podrá volver a ser colocado en la lista en el futuro.


Mark your calendars for Pentecost! Our Parish celebration is coming up on Sunday, June 4. On that day, we’ll have our 8 a.m. service and a combined bilingual 10:30 a.m. service (and no La Misa to allow us all to celebrate together!). After the service we'll gather in the courtyard of Van Every to feast on Price's famous fried chicken and lots of homemade goodies. Those whose last names begin with the letters A-G please, bring a dessert to share feeds 12; and those who last name begins with the letters H-Z, please bring a side dish to share. Once again, one lucky winner will take home the Sweet Potato Trophy for the best sweet potato dish. Anote igualmente en su Agenda-Calendario la Fiesta de Pentecostés! La Celebración de esta Fiesta en nuestra parroquia tendrá lugar el Domingo 4 de Junio. En ese día, tendremos nuestro servicio normal a las 8 a.m., y también un servicio combinado bilingue a las 10:30 a.m. Después del ultimo servicio, nos reuniremos en el patio de Van Every para festejar con los famosos pollos fritos de Price y muchas esquisiteces hechas  en casa. Aquellas personas cuyos apellidos comiencen con las letras A a la G, por favor traigan un plato de postre que puedan compartir 12 personas; y aquellas cuyos apellidos comiencen con las letras H a la Z, por favor traigan un plato de acompañante para compartir. Una vez más, habrá un ganador que llevará a su casa el Trofeo de la Patata Dulce, el cual se otorga al mejor plato de patata dulce.

What does it take to win the Sweet Potato Recipe contest? Here are a few winners from years past!


Kanuga: We're saving a chair for you!

Mark your calendars for our annual parish retreat in the NC mountains at Kanuga, the weekend of September 2. Registration starts April 30 along with sales of $10 raffle tickets for two lucky people to win a free weekend! Join us for fun, friends, fellowship, square dancing, bluegrass Eucharist by the lake, the HoCo Late Show and MORE! Registration forms are now available online on the Kanuga page


Voices Needed for Pentecost! If you speak another language and would be willing to read the Lesson at 10:30 a.m. on Pentecost, email Jessica Dunlap at Thank you for keeping this beautiful tradition alive! Se necesitan Voces para Pentecostés! Si usted habla otro idioma y le gustaría leer la Lección a las 10:30 a.m. el Día de Pentecostés, envíele un email a Jessica Dunlap a:  Gracias por ayudarnos a mantener viva esta tradición!



Be A Hero – Volunteer and sign up for VBS!  Sign your 4-year-old through rising fourth grader up for Vacation Bible School “Hero Central,” where they will discover their strength in God. June 19-22 from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Campers will go on an adventure alongside some of their favorite Bible heroes and discover the qualities that make us truly heroic in God. VBS Hero Central uses music, science, crafts, recreation, and Bible stories to help kids discover their strength in God! Registration forms are online at It requires many hands to make VBS happen for our children. Volunteers – particularly high schoolers and adults -  are needed. Contact Andrew Ancona in the church offices at to lend a hand!


Want to make a Difference in the fight against hunger right here at Holy Comforter? Loaves & Fishes is losing 2 dedicated helpers from its Tuesday crew. If you would like to help out on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., contact Sarah Lofton at for details or to volunteer.



It’s time to BUY and STUFF those Holy Comforter totes! Show your Holy Comforter spirit with our red totes. All proceeds from sales will be split between Loaves & Fishes and La Escuelita Weekday School, but they are also designed to provide ongoing support to our ministries. Throughout the year, we ask folks to Stuff Your Totes with all the “stuff” that groups need. Right now, please stuff your tote with stuff for Loaves & Fishes: Canned corn. You’ll drop off the stuff but keep your Tote (so you can fill it again)! Purchase your tote by leaving a donation in the basket under the Connect Board during breakfast and in Henry Hall during Coffee Hour.


Science and Faith: Misuse and Abuse. Led by Dr. Ian Binns and Father Kevin, this popular series that examines the intersection of faith and science in our lives returns with a new topic: Science & Faith: Misuse and Abuse. The class will be held Sundays during The Hour on May  28 and on Pentecost Sunday, June 4.  As always, no sign-ups are required and drop-ins are warmly welcomed.


Music and Arts Camp registration is open! Registrations are now being accepted for this year's Music and Arts Camp, to be held July 31-August 5. Full information about the camp: Contact Patrick Pope with questions (


Did You Know?   
Our friends and neighbors of the Muslim faith began their penitential season of Ramadan on May 27.  During the month ahead, they fast from food and drink during daylight hours - a sizable challenge in the heat of summer when the days are long. Each year this fasting season moves back so next year it will coincide with the end of the academic year and impact students even more than it will this year.  
The community gathers at homes and/or mosques around the world to  break their fast each evening when, by official determination, one can no longer tell the difference between the color of a white and black thread because there is too little light. Fasting begins in the morning when the color difference between black and white thread can be seen. 

During this season they continue their prayer cycle five times during the day and also pray in the mosque,  if they are able, in the middle of the night. The season ends with a major holiday, EID, which is much like our Christmas.  The exact date for EID (and the end of RAMADAN) is announced by Imams in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam (Mecca), and is based on the cycle of the moon. 





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HoCo online—You can find information about our church and ministries on our website: If you’re on Facebook, please “like” our church’s Facebook page, our postings with your FB friends!  On Instagram, you can find us at: HolyComforterClt. La Escuelita Weekday School also is at --if you want to see what’s in store for fall, or if you have friends looking for a preschool, take a look!

Feed the Hungry! Did you know that Holy Comforter prepares and serves meals to the homeless and vulnerable twice a month? On first Fridays of the month, we serve at The Men's Shelter, 1210. N. Tryon Street, from 3:45-7:00 pm. On fourth Thursdays, we serve at the Charlotte Rescue Mission from 3:00 - 6:00 pm. Come when you can and leave when you must.  Culinary skills are not required; you just need the ability to follow directions from our great cook leaders!

assembled a taskforce of experts in public health and safety, disaster response, church programs and communications to sort through the information floating around about the Zika virus, and to create a resource that would help Episcopal churches in the United States to respond appropriately. - See more at:
assembled a taskforce of experts in public health and safety, disaster response, church programs and communications to sort through the information floating around about the Zika virus, and to create a resource that would help Episcopal churches in the United States to respond appropriately. - See more at: