YOU Are Welcome Here!

If you are looking for a church to call your own, we hope you will consider us! At the root of all we do is our desire to live out the Great Commandments of Jesus Christ: to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We hope what you see here will inspire you to visit.

Sundays: 8:00 & 10:30 am Worship (Holy Eucharist) – 12:30 pm La Misa in Spanish

Worship with us


Kids are at Home in God's House

God put the wiggle in your children – so there’s no need to suppress it here! We take Jesus’ charge to “let the children come to me” seriously. During the program year, we offer nursery for children under 3, Sunday School for younger kids, youth group for those in grades 6 – 12, and fun activities that build faith and fellowship year round.

Kids at HC


How to Find Us

We are located in the Dilworth area, close to Freedom Park.

2701 Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209

704.332.4171 Phone, 704.332.5081 Fax





“Our ministries touch hearts, souls and minds, often when they most need help.
In serving others, we share Christ; in being served, we receive him.”
– The Rev. Kevin S. Brown


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Pledging is an intentional act we commit to each year to ensure that Holy Comforter continues ministries that nurture our parishioners and nourish the body and spirit of our broader community.


Holy Comforter’s 2017 Annual Pledge Commitment Goal is $918,000 of our $974,000 projected budget. How did we arrive at these figures? Click this link to find answers to this and other frequently asked questionsPreguntas Frecuentes


Need to make a 2017 pledge?

You may download a pledge form in English or en español

or fill out our simple online form.



Need to pay your 2016 pledge?

You may pay all or a portion of your pledge using our PayPal link.



Current Budget – By Ministry

This chart shows how our anticipated 2017 spending is divided between our core ministry areas. This ministry-focused budget allows us to better see the immediate impact of our gifts. Every pledge – of time, talent or treasure – makes a difference. As you pledge for the coming year, prayerfully consider the many ways you experience the mission and community of this church. Remember again how what we give empowers what we do.  Click this link to learn more about Holy Comforter by the numbers!hc_bythenumbers_2015.jpg



When I Pledge

The mission and ministry of Holy Comforter continues to impact lives beyond a single act of giving. By giving our first fruits to God, we experience the ongoing and generative act of Stewardship.


My Pledge Helps Us Plan

Over 90% of the funds used to run the church come from pledges. As a church, we rely heavily on the Annual Pledge Commitment to plan our budget for the coming year.


What Do I Do Next?

To help us understand how pledges fund our shared ministries, we’ll have Rally Sundays focused on four key areas. Once we understand how our financial resources are used to do this good work, we can each feel empowered to make an informed statement of faith by giving and pledge to make a difference! We’ll each pledge to help in the areas to which we feel called, from leading Children’s Chapel to cooking at the Men’s Shelter, writing our commitments on post-its that, together, will have a huge impact.

  • October 2      Worship & Music
  • October 9      Youth & Children
  • October 16     Pastoral Care
  • October 23     Outreach
  • October 30    Commitment Sunday & Fall Festival

Then, take the next step by returning your pledge card on Commitment Sunday as we come together in celebration.


We’ll see you there!

Can't be here on October 30? Simply mail your pledge card in the envelope you received, bring it to church on any Sunday - or pledge online now at the links above.



Read the letter from our Annual Pledge Commitment Chair here. (Letra en español.)